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Chapter 5 Recovery Centers were founded in 2003 to help people in Prescott, Arizona and all over the US to recover, heal, and overcome a dependency on drugs, alcohol, and issues with addiction. Chapter 5's addiction treatment programs have helped countless people get clean and sober, find a new way to live, and go on to live full, productive, amazing lives in sobriety.

As a part of providing the best addiction treatment care possible, Chapter 5 Recovery was absorbed into and became part of the Royal Life Centers network of addiction treatment care programs. Royal Life Centers is a national provider of addiction treatment, and is committed to providing the highest level of addiction care at all levels of treatment, from detox and critical care to sober living and helping people continue in sobriety.

My Sobriety and Life Started the Day I Checked Into Royal's Inpatient Program. Forever Grateful.

- Mikaela W.

How Inpatient Drug Treatment Can Help Addicts & Alcoholics

Inpatient drug treatment, also known as residential drug treatment, is when an addict or alcoholic is treated for addiction or alcoholism while living in an inpatient addiction center or program. Getting clean and sober on your own is not only more challenging, but with some drugs detoxing by yourself can be a dangerous process, and can also lead to a higher chance of relapse.

Inpatient drug treatment programs offer the highest level of care with medical and addiction treatment staff on hand 24 hours a day seven days a week to assist addicts and alcoholics. People will sleep, eat all their meals, and perform all activities while living in a safe, secure, and supportive sober environment. Royal Life Centers inpatient addiction treatment programs can vary in length but most clients choose to stay anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days.

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